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30 January 2017

2017 Resumption

Classes resume on Wednesday the 1st of February at 7pm at The Baulkham Hills Community Centre, 390 Windsor Rd Baulkham Hills (now fully air conditioned). Looking forward to a great year!

(Photo caption: "Walt training at Shaolin Temple while shooting film 'Kung Fu Pilgrimage'")

9 September 2016

Successful Katoomba JKD Seminar

A Common Thread to Common Threats
Review of JKD Seminar, 20 August 2016, Katoomba NSW by Arthur Tong

"There are more similarities than differences in the ways of effective fighting," said Robert Williams of Kumiai Ryu Martial Arts Systems.

"People should look for the former rather than the latter." This seemed to be the take-home sentiment echoing amongst patrons of Walt Missingham's JKD Seminar this frosty Katoomba afternoon.

Schools of martial arts enthusiasts, from a variety of disciplines, descended upon the KCC conference centre to be treated to three hours of Walt's take on JKD, fight choreography and martial arts myths. Missingham, certified JKD instructor, martial arts instructor of over 40 years and film director was to be expected, not short on material.

The topics were diverse to pique the interests of an equally diverse audience. There were young and old from a multitude of disciplines from Brazilian jujitsu, kenpo to various mixed martial arts. Adding to the spectacle, footage captured was to be used as part of Walt's documentary series, 'Return to Shaolin'.

For the savants, Missingham explained about the varied philosophical influences of Bruce Lee amongst them notable thinkers as Einstein, Nietzche and Marcus Aurelius. The latter, a renowned advocate of mind mastery, seemed to have struck a chord with the speaker as with members of the audience. "To learn that Bruce Lee drew inspiration from a Roman Emperor was interesting. There's definitely truth in how a person's outcomes are determined by how they think," said Matt Tempest of Tempest Training.

Walt then segued into encouraging the younger members of the audience towards positive thinking. To illustrate the importance of self-belief, he used anecdotes from his youth mimicking seemingly impossible fight sequences until they were perfected. Then in contrast, he went on to demonstrate how some fight sequences on film are merely dependent on film angles and positioning. He debunked fighting on film as well as gimmicks in the dojo, demonstrating how easy it is to break boards once you are aware of the physics of a piece of timber as well as understanding one's own bio-mechanics.

Yes, he's big on the science. He critiqued "animal-forms" in martial arts that have no relevance to the human anatomical structure. Instead, he backs movements that are natural to our physiology and where possible, ones that maximise rotational force. To this, he demonstrated the power in a forearm strike that begins from a turn of the hip as the arm follows through the target in a tight arc-like motion. The opposite shoulder is also thrown back creating a "torque factor that adds more power", agreed Richard from Budo Ryu Kempo.

Participants seemed receptive to Walt's notion that humans share common bio-mechanics and therefore, there is "a finite number of ways of attacking in a given situation". They were keen to point out how the JKD techniques presented were adaptable to their disciplines as the ultimate goal is really, the same. Julian, second degree black belt from Blue Mountains Martial Arts said "The goal is the same. I want to put my power base in a position where I can maximize damage yet stay out of line from counters. Some of these JKD take-down entries for example add to what I know from my boxing and kickboxing background."

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22 January 2016

Class Resumption Notice 2016

Classes (Hills District) Kick Off February 1

Class resumption for 2016 is as follows:
- Monday February 1 Baulkham Hills
- Tuesday February 2 Pennant Hills
- Wednesday February 3 Baulkham Hills

Happy New Year To All!

28 January 2015

JKD Class Resumption 2015

Our first class back for 2015 will be Wednesday the 28th of January at Baulkham Hills.

Our first full week of training will commence on February 2nd (Baulkham Hills), 3rd (Pennant Hills), 4th (Baulkham Hills).

24 July 2014

JAMES GARNER (1928-2014)

James Garner, the last of Bruce Lee's movie star JKD students, sadly passed away on the 19th of July.

JKD Association President, Walt Missingham, commented: "Jim was one of life's true gentlemen a humble demeanor, a genuine interest in the welfare of others and a man who worked hard and long and got the rewards that that brings...his success in Hollywood spanned over fifty years few can claim that."

James Garner proved a success as both a film and television actor with notable roles in 'The Great Escape', 'The Americanization of Emily' and '36 Hours' and in 'Marlowe' in which he starred with up and coming actor Bruce Lee. He is though best known for his iconic performances in the TV series 'Maverick' and 'The Rockford Files'.

He was a supporter of many worthwhile causes particularly the recovery and treatment of abused children as he was a survivor of abuse himself. As a child and teenager he was beaten by his step mother and forced to wear female clothing so he suffered both physical and psychosexual abuse.

He was a strong supporter of the Democratic party and in fact turned down an offer for the 1990 Democratic nomination to be Governor of California.

He will be missed.

21 March 2014


The MAIA has commenced a program of liaison with the various State Fair Trading Offices together with key media outlets to both publicise and deal with 'Scams and Fraudulent Behaviour' within the martial arts industry.

The MAIA has identified the 'Top 8' scams on its website. Check them out at

Report a scam by contacting Kevin on

21 January 2014

JKD Class Resumption 2014

During January classes will be at Baulkham Hills on Wednesday the 22nd and Wednesday the 29th.

Our first full week of training will commence on February 3rd(Baulkham Hills), 4th (Pennant Hills), 5th (Baulkham Hills).

23 December 2013

'RETURN TO SHAOLIN' Film Confirmed

It has today been confirmed that JKDA President Walt Missingham will star in a new Australian/USA Co-production entitled

'Return to Shaolin'

The film, which will be screened on a major USA Network, will tell the story of Walt Missingham - from being critically injured over 30 years ago and while still in recovery making the film 'Kung Fu Pilgrimage' about his training at the Shaolin Temple in 1983, to his creation of a multi million dollar earning film production company. Walt's story will be overlayed with the story of the Shaolin Temple and martial arts in general - the growth the changes, the challenges of the past thirty years - the emergence of the 'Shaolin' brand, the impact of MMA seen through his eyes as he returns to the Shaolin Temple to once again train and learn.

Walt commented:

"I had gone away from documentaries, I thought for good, as the focus of our company has been feature films, we currently have three in various stages of production, but when this was put to me in Kuala Lumpur, two months ago, I said I would think about it and I decided it might be good to do. I have not been in front of the camera for a while so this will be a welcome change as well as a good story to present - I am frankly both flattered and humbled to be asked to make this film"

Further information on 'Return to Shaolin' will be released as the project proceeds.

Play the video below to watch 'Walt at Shaolin' video clip

15 November 2013


The Australian Jeet Kune Do Association President, Walt Missingham recently celebrated 40 years as an instructor.

Walt, pictured here at one of his recent classes, attributed his success to: "good teachers, great students and a love for what I do".

Walt balances his instructing time with his career as a film producer and as a corporate administrator for the two of the largest martial arts organisations in Australia

16 October 2013

Master Minds Summit 2014

Martial Arts Industry Association (MAIA) has organized the Master Minds Summit 2014 to be held on Sunday 18th May 2014 from 9am till 4pm at the Liverpool Catholic Club & Mercure Hotel.

An opportunity for all the members and accredited instructors to attend the Business Seminars and training featuring special guest Kym rock, Xma super star Hakan Manav and a host of Australia’s most successful school owners including Ridvan Manav, Kevin Blundell and Fari Salievski.

An Event Not To Be Missed!

To book for the event, either click on the link blew for Online Registration:


Click here to obtain a Registration form.

The completed Registration Form must send to MAIA PO Box 134 KENTHURST NSW 2156.

For further information please visit:

For any questions please do not hesitate to call Kevin Blundell on 0418 640 298 or Fari Salievski on 0414 253 513

16 January 2013

Class Resumption Notice

First class back will be Wednesday 23rd January Baulkham Hills (the only class during this week). Following week again Wednesday (30th January) class only at Baulkham Hills.

The first full week will commence on Monday 4th February (Baulkham Hills), Tuesday 5th February (Pennant Hills), Wednesday 6th February (Baulkham Hills).

21 June 2012


Walt Missingham, one of Australia's most successful documentary film makers, has released an article on The Forgotten Bruce Lee Film - The Wrecking Crew Click here for the full story.

15 April 2011

Class Change Details

Monday classes will now be conducted at Baulkham Hills Community Centre, 390 Windsor Rd Baulkham Hills.  Times are still 7-8.30pm.

15 April 2011

Walt Missingham Chronicles

From 1984 to 1998 Walt Missingham was a contributor/journalist and featured martial artist with Australasian Fighting Arts Magazine (AFA). AFA set high standards of professionalism and integrity in what they presented. You could not buy a ’feature’ or a ’cover shot’ you had to be worthy of it in terms of what you presented. Walt Missingham (President of the Australian Jeet Kune Do Association) was a trail blazer in terms of articles and interviews that informed, confronted and entertained.

Due to popular demand and with the kind permission of Kevin Brennan/Australasian Fighting Arts Magazine the AKWF we will be presenting all of Walt’s work with AFA. They will be adding one article every month.  These articles can be found at the AKWF website

11 January 2011

MAIA Accreditation Program supports Bravehearts


MAIA President, Walt Missingham, recently presented Hetty Johnson (Executive Director Bravehearts) with a cheque for one thousand dollars.


Walt commented: "I have long been a supporter of Braveherarts and the vital work that it does. Hetty’s vision, commitment and drive are inspirational.


The MAIA Accreditation program is committed to providing a percentage of its income back to Bravehearts and I will be proposing at the AGM of the Australian Kung Fu Wushu Federation that they do the same. 


Greater levels of Child Protection mechanisms within the martial arts industry is something that I have been advocating for the last ten years and this donation today is a tangible indication of our support, I am confident there will be many more such donations in the future"

11 January 2011

Class Resumption Notice

First class back will be Monday 24th January Castle Hill (the only class during this week).

The first full week will commence on Monday 31st January (Castle Hill), Tuesday 1st February (Parramatta), Wednesday 2nd February (Baulkham Hills).

3 December 2010

Death of Ted Wong



JKD Association President, Walt Missingham, has sadly advised that original Bruce Lee student Ted Wong passed away on the 2nd of December.


Ted began his martial arts training with Bruce Lee in 1967 and in fact only ever trained in Jun Fan Gung Fu and Jeet Kune Do. Ted was also a student of Dan Inosanto.


Walt advised that "Ted was a likable guy with a real a passion for what he did, in his later years he was active with the Bruce Lee Foundation - he will be missed"


Ted was 70 years of age.